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(2/2) apparently, doing that to autistic coded characters is ableist and infantilizes autistic people. I just feel really horrible about it. Like Im ace/aro and autistic and I feel like everyone hates me because Im a walking stereotype against the community. Part of me wants to just not be autistic because of it, but both of those factors are so important to me. And I tried not giving.

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The main character in the films, Harry Potter, 3) (play) by the actor Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe 4).. (be/born) in 1989. Stories in which Harry turns out to have parents other than the Potters. Can have either Lily or James as one of the parents, but not both. Harry is not Lily's son. He is the son of James Potter and Severus Snape.

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Revenged, Pardoned Pals, Special BROvert Ops, Toppat Recruits, Free Man, Toppat 4 Life, Toppat King, Capital Gains, Cleaned 'Em Out, Jewel Baron, Little Nest Egg, Master Bounty Hunter, Stickmin Space Resort, Valiant Hero, Triple Threat, and Toppat Civil Warfare. 1,619 notes the-irken-pony the-irken-pony. I've been thinking quite a bit about the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently, even before the news of its cancellation and miraculous resurrection.I started watching it mostly as a kind of methadone for The Good Place, whose creator is a co-creator and executive producer of B99, and it's definitely not anything like as good a series as The Good Place, which I will argue to anyone who will.

Because I want to be sure that a submission isn’t harmful/stereotyping, I will only allow headcanons about characters I know. Please send in an ask to check to see if I’ve heard of. 懶 - headcanon 李 - described plus size reader. 驪 Batman Franchise 驪. Arkham!Verse Reeves!Verse Zero Year/Capullo Riddler Oral - Ficlet/Scenario - Riddler Daddy!Kink - 懶. Riddler Kinks - 懶. Riddler's Getting Head - 懶. Riddlers Rimming - 懶. Riddlers with a Plus Size gal - 懶李. Rogues with a Plus Size gal - 懶李.

Welcomes both canon and headcanon! member name; bi-characters member blog; additional info; A blog for characters who you headcanon as bi/pan, or canon bi/pan characters, ... Their Importance: Black Neurodivergent women are hard enough to come by, but Claudette was a launch character being in the game from its initial. (HEADCANONS ARE MADE FOR STRICTLY THE WRESTLING PERSONA, NOT THE PERSON BEHIND THE CHARACTER GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK FUCKING SKULL)(other wrestling companies are allowed. ex., njpw, nxt, roh, ect.) run by mod Lucio. Made this blog for fun so no hate :) (neurodivergent headcanons allowed, aro/ace inclusive. always looking for mods!.

Luffy: probably ADHD or something on the spectrum. He never really got any diagnosis, but Chopper suspects it —not that it matters much. Luffy doesn't seem bothered at all by his lack of concentration. Zoro: He's actually pretty ok, despite his childhood traumas. Kuina's death hardened him a lot, but her dream and his ambition make him. Credits: Basil: (30:37)Sunny: I couldn't find the video, but just search "Corpse Husband"Aubrey: https://.

Lulamoon's headcanon—her self-invented ideas about the lore and characters of MLP, as opposed to the official "canon" established by Friendship Is Magic creator Lauren Faust—often takes.

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happy snape week muggle snape week snape appreciation month canon au week trans snape week crossover week snape lives week poc snape week lgbtqiap+ snape month neurodivergent snape week post type all posts text posts meta headcanons fan art edits gifs fanfic moodboards playlists fanvids shipping. .

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WELCOME TO NEURODIVHQ!! NEURODIVHQ is a blog dedicated to neurodivergent, LGBT, xenogender, neo-pronoun, mentally ill, and disabled headcanons for Haikyuu!! characters. It is made by people who experience these things for people who experience these things! Here is a link to Mod Applications ! Here is our Carrd!.

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Saige Copeland was suggested to play Anxiety Disorder Headcanon in Neurodivergent Head/Canons by connieblackwood . Other actors sugggested to play this role include Amy Rose, Yakko Warner, and Candace Flynn . Neurodivergent Head/Canons has 22 roles, including Autistic Headcanon, ADHD Headcanon, and PTSD Canon . Supporters (1) connieblackwood,.

By samury-pancakes. Some FE Fates headcanons (with very minor Revelations spoilers): -After getting his ass kicked by Ryoma while sparring and giving up on the sword, young Takumi turned to his mother Mikoto to teach him archery (since she's a priestess). She taught him well until he was skilled enough to be chosen by Fujin Yumi. neurodivergent and suffers from paranoia, anxiety, depression, and psychosis, but works damn hard to make sure that never affects the people he cares about, has a short temper, knife collector, has a room dedicated to his collection, protective, of his s/o especially, will kill anyone who tries to harm them, very smooth and knows it,. Neurodivergent Headcanons General tag for all headcanons about mental illnesses or disabilities): Anxiety Headcanons, Autistic Headcanons, DID Headcanons, PTSD Headcanons, Depression Headcanons, PD Headcanons, Disabled Headcanons General tag for all physical and mental disabilities, Epilepsy Headcanons, Physically Disabled Headcanons,.

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I've been thinking quite a bit about the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently, even before the news of its cancellation and miraculous resurrection.I started watching it mostly as a kind of methadone for The Good Place, whose creator is a co-creator and executive producer of B99, and it's definitely not anything like as good a series as The Good Place, which I will argue to anyone who will.

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they're headcanons/submissions for the most part! however people are also free to submit canon neurodivergent characters too (: 5 years ago 2 notes Today's Neurodivergent Character of the Day is Peggy Schuyler from Hamilton! Peggy has autism and combined ADHD. 5 years ago 8 notes.

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Baby !Mammon Headcanon #2. Barbamon Headcanon #2. Solomon x Levi. Baking Headcanons. Baking Headcanons #2. Diavolo x Lucifer x Barbatos Headcanon. Nightmares Headcanons. YouTuber Headcanons.

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He is bi, and has ADHD and schizophrenia! Today's neurodivergent mlm character of the day is. Cyborg, from Teen Titans! He is a bi trans guy who has ADHD and is autistic! His special interests are automobiles and 80′s TV! Today's neurodivergent mlm character of the day is. Kazuichi Souda, from Super Dangan Ronpa 2!.

2016. 6. 19. · A blog where you can submit all your neurodivergent animation headcanons! Not limited just to Disney. SUBMISSIONS OPEN! blog up and running since June 19, 2016! ... Ghibli,.

I’m surprised at the lack of headcanons because not only is the tiny fandom for this book full of a lot fellow autistics, but the characters are so very neurodivergent. The peculiars are very, what. Most characters in Pokemon (children's tv series and games) are neurodivergent, and many of those people are autistic. Children in the Pokemon world are encouraged to follow careers based on their interests, like fashion, cooking, battling with their Pokemon partners, or photography.

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